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Welcome to “In the Air Tonight”

July 6th, 2009

Welcome to “In the Air Tonight” – an online destination for all things WiFi.  I am Asif Khan, a Toronto-based technology entrepreneur and connoisseur of all that amounts from the intersection of business, advertising and technology.

My latest venture is the launch of the Canadian arm of a global WiFi company called Vex.  At Vex Canada we envision a nation where WiFi is Free and Everywhere.

There is a shift coming.  That is the shift from laptop only WiFi locations, to the WiFi enabled smartphone.  Every new device on the market, from the iPhone, to the Palm Pre all have built in WiFi, but finding a free connection in Canada is not always easy.  WiFi should truly be everywhere, from the grocery store, to the hockey rink, to the gas station.

We’re hoping that over the next year we can truly create a blogspace where you can come to learn more about WiFi.  Where you can engage in discussion about WiFi in Canada and abroad, and where we together can help shape the future of WiFi in Canada.

One final thought: Our national anthem contains the words “True North, Strong and Free.”   Perhaps we could consider a new take on WiFi in Canada as follows: Canada (True North), (Strong) WiFi connections, (Free) for all!